I had my son’s 9th Birthday party at Kalamunda Kickboxing …What a great time the kids all had! Perfect mix between learning some karate basics and the fun of games! The session was topped by cake cutting with a samurai sword and a photo of each child holding the sword. This was brilliant value for money party option which I would strongly recommend!

Tamara Brutti

I have been attending the kick boxing classes at Kalamunda Kickboxing and Martial Arts for a year now, started off as purely for fitness one class a week. Eight months earlier my daughter had started the kids classes and loved it, it took me eight months to build up my confidence to get through the doors for my own health. The personal touch you receive from the trainers and staff is second to none, Kalamunda Kickboxing has really changed my family’s life style.

A year later I have lost 20kg, I now attend 4 times a week for the kickboxing classes. I have graded to blue singlet. Plus once a week for the women’s weight classes. I have gained confidence. It has given me opportunities to do things never thought possible, I have even stepped into a ring for a charity fight. Which was the most unbelievable feeling and accomplishment. Not bad for a 43 year old lady. I feel better physically and mentally. My family and I will continue to enjoy our new way of life with our friends at Kalamunda Kickboxing and Martial Arts.

Thank you Murray, Michelle and to all the staff for your support and enthusiasm.

Marisol Scott

Joining in my first kickboxing class 5 years ago was a major turning point in my life, both physically and mentally. Murray and his awesome team of instructors have managed to train me to the fittest I have ever been (at age 40). Through my training, my assertiveness and self confidence has also been boosted, which has assisted me in my personal life and also in the way I run my business.

Training at Kalamunda has become part of my lifestyle, so much so, that my wife and 3 children also enjoy training in kickboxing and Zen Do Kai Karate. My 11 and 9 year old children have achieved their Brown Belts, and love assisting the instructors in the kids beginners class’s when given the opportunity.

Murray and his team have created a winning formula, where people can train,get fit and have a good time all in one Dojo. Whether you are looking to train to get fit and lose weight, or have aspirations of stepping into the ring, you can be assured to achieve what you want, and more at Kalamunda Kickboxing and Martial Arts.

Dave Medling

In 2007 we started our seven year old son Nathaniel with Murray in Kidz Karate. We were looking for self defence and general fitness but found so much more. Over the years Murray, Scott and the rest of the instructors at Kalamunda Kickboxing have instilled in Nathaniel a pride and self belief that have helped mould him into a fine young man with aspirations of instructing himself one day. The mentoring and interest in Nathaniel as a developing individual has always been a focus for Murray and Scott and their support has given Nathaniel strength in situations when he really needed it. We continue to make the familiar trip to the Dojo with Nathaniel (brown belt), Elijah (green belt) and now Tobias as he starts live as a white belt. In my work as a Principal in the Department of Education I have seen excellent teachers and schools but none better than Murray and his team at Kalamunda Kickboxing.

Lee Bates



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