Kalah Israeli Combat System

Welcome to the Kalah System.

The Kalah System is a Self-Defence and combat system that was developed by Idan Abolnik, a former IDF Commando Unit member. Idan also worked in the Israeli top security units for 22 years.

Self-defence should be taken as seriously as a life or death situation, Kalah has been developed to offer you the best chance of survival in extremely violent situations. Although we train very realistically, at the same time, we are also responsible for your safety.

Kalah is not a sport or a form of self-defence training. It’s a combat mindset system.

We need to change our mindset when it comes to the survival or protection of our family members.

Kalah teaches us to master our fears, respond to threats, and learn to survive! Kalah will change your mental and physical condition to be prepared for an attack. Kalah teaches you tactics in the observation of aggression. It teaches you to recognize aggression and respond adequately to this aggressive behavior.

We are here to provide the best self-defence training possible, and we are the best at what we do. Training is tough, training is exhausting, there are no shortcuts, and physical and psychological breakdowns do occur. All this is not to break you, but to build you. You will discover more strength than you thought possible.

The Meaning of KALAH

Krav: Fighting            Lotar: Anti-terror            Haganah: Defense


  • Move in
  • Close the distance
  • Move out of the line of fire
  • Be aggressive